c2c Charter Class Graduates!

Congratulations to the 10 charter c2c Social Entrepreneurs who graduated on Friday at Brookwood Secure Center.

In a mock trade show/capital call, each Social Entrepreneur wowed visitors aka “investors” with powerful 60 second pitches, descriptions of their business plans and models, and discussions of future visions.

Every c2c social entrepreneur was able to guage the market value of their concepts during the course of the event by raising seed funding from $3000-$20, 000 in Brookwood Bucks.

Over the next 3-12 months, as they are released from the facility, each of these incredible young men will have an opportunity to continue on the path to launching their businesses theough the c2c Social Enterrprise Incubator.

On hand to award each entrepreneur with their Global Business Incubator certification was Bruce Niswander, Director of GBI, a South SouthNews/United Nations initiative.

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4 thoughts on “c2c Charter Class Graduates!

  1. Great!. I ask not only out of curiosity, but also because there might be a way, through crowd-funding, to actually raise seed money.

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